Meet the GTA politicians who just can’t quit: ‘I still really like what I do’

By Noor Javed, Staff Reporter – Toronto Star.

They are admittedly “lifers” in the world of municipal politics.

Maybe it’s just out of habit at this point, but long time GTA politicians Milton Mayor Gord Krantz, Richmond Hill Mayor Dave Barrow, Mississauga Councillor Pat Saito, and Markham Councillor Alex Chiu, have all once again registered for the fall municipal election race.

Combined, their years in office total nearly 150 years. But with an election coming up in October, they say they aren’t ready to bow out yet.


The same goes for Richmond Hill’s Barrow, who is also running again in October to keep his mayoral seat, which he has held since 2006. The affable politician had two previous stints on council, which brings the total of his years in politics to nearly 30. He said he never thought he would become a lifer politician. But after some years, he admits the job grows on you.

“There are some Saturday nights when you are out for a community dinner, and you wonder, why am I here?” said Barrow.

“But I still really like what I do, and even when I was not in office, I always knew what was going on, and I was always involved in what was happening in town.”

He noted that two of his long-standing colleagues, Brenda Hogg and Vito Spatafora, are stepping down, and so he feels compelled to stay.

“Our town looks for stability, generally,” he said. “ And the general sentiment among voters here is that when things are going well, why change anything?”


Candidates — old and new — have until July 27 to register for October’s election.

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